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90th Anniversary of BPS-Sberbank
1 Rubel


Edition Metal Stamp Diameter Weight Mintage BU Unc XF VF FF
2013 MW CuNi Proof ↑↑ ø 32 mm 13.16 g 5 000 - - - - -
↓ Obverse ↓
Obverse 90th Anniversary of BPS-Sberbank 1 Rubel 2013
Reverse 90th Anniversary of BPS-Sberbank 1 Rubel 2013
↑ Reverse ↑
Issuer National Bank of the Republic of Belarus (Национальный банк Ре
Coin type Collector's
Shape Circle
Denomination & currency 1 Rubel
1.00 BYR
Design Svetlana Nekrasova
Edition details
Year of the edition 2013
Year on Coin 2013
Edition date 2013-??-??
Edition price -
Mint Mennica Polska SA (Warszawa)
Privy mark MW
Mintage 5 000
Physical characteristics
Stamp Proof
Medal alignment
Metal Copper-Nicel (CuNi)
Diameter ø 32 mm
Weight 13.16 g
Border Reeded
Rim Upset
Additional decorations -
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Sample graph - Fryderyk Chopin, 50 Złotych, 1972
1 rouble coin “90th Anniversary of BPS-Sberbank” struck at the Mint of Poland has been appointed a nominee for the „Coin of the Year 2015” awards. The Competition is conducted annually by the American publishing house Krause Publications. The coin “90th Anniversary of BPS-Sberbank”, struck at the Mint of Poland on the occasion of the 90th Anniversary of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus (NBRB), has been awarded in the category “Best Contemporary Event Coin”. The award-winning coin was designed by Svetlana Nekrasova and issued by the NBRB. An international panel of 80 judges, comprised of mint officials, journalists and international experts, choose a winner from 100 participants in 10 separate categories. A second round of the Competition will reveal the “Coin of the Year”. The awards will be handed out on Jan. 31, 2015, during the ceremony at the World Money Fair in Berlin, Germany.
at the top - the relief image of the State Coat of Arms of the Republic of Belarus in the center - a geometric composition, the basis of which forms a pattern symbolizing wealth, well-being, and fruitful beginning that contributes to the growth of profit and prosperity in the economy circumferential inscriptions - at the top: РЭСПУБЛIКА БЕЛАРУСЬ (THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS), at the bottom - the year of issue on the left, and the alloy standard (except for a copper-nickel coin) on the right, in the center - the denominations: 1 РУБЕЛЬ, 20 РУБЛЕЎ, 50 РУБЛЕЎ (1 RUBLE, 20 RUBLES, and 50 RUBLES) on the coins in corresponding denominations.
in the center - the image of a blossomed tree of life, at the top - the image of the commercial mark of BPS-Sberbank (on silver coin with denomination of 20 rubles this mark is made using pad-printing), at the bottom - a circumferential inscription: БПС-СБЕРБАНК. 90 ГАДОЎ (BPS-SBERBANK. THE 90TH ANNIVERSARY). Send an email
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