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100th Anniversary of Patriotic War 1812
100 Dolarów


Edition Metal Stamp Diameter Weight Mintage BU Unc XF VF FF
2012 MW Au 900 Proof ↑↑ ø 41.6 mm 93.30 g 222 - - - - -
↓ Obverse ↓
Obverse 100th Anniversary of Patriotic War 1812 100 Dolarów 2012
Reverse 100th Anniversary of Patriotic War 1812 100 Dolarów 2012
↑ Reverse ↑
Issuer Reserve Bank of New Zealand
Coin type Collector's
Shape Ellipse (egg)
Denomination & currency 100 Dolarów
100.00 NZD
Design Robert Kotowicz
Edition details
Year of the edition 2012
Year on Coin 2012
Edition date 2012-11-??
Edition price -
Mint Mennica Polska SA (Warszawa)
Privy mark MW
Mintage 222
Physical characteristics
Stamp Proof
Medal alignment
Metal Gold (Au 900)
Diameter ø 41.6 mm
Weight 93.30 g
Border Plain
Rim Upset
Additional decorations Pad / raster printing
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Sample graph - Fryderyk Chopin, 50 Złotych, 1972
The Napoleonic Egg was made for Dowager Empress Maria Fyodorowna in 1912. The Tsarina of Russia served as honorary colonel for the six regiments depicted in watercolor, and her monogram decorates the back of each panel. The Egg was designed in order to commemorate the centenary of Russia’s victory over the armies of Napoleon and in particular the victory at Borodino in 1812. This piece of art celebrates past royal glories while appealing to Russian patriotism at a time when the Romanov dynasty once again faced the uncertainties of war.
At the bottom - open Spring Flowers Egg (1899-1903) with a miniature basket of wood anemones inside. Above - the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with the mint mark (m/w) and the inscription “ELIZABETH II” below. Around the Queen’s effigy - decorative neo rococo scroll ornament. At the top - the issuer’s name: NIUE ISLAND. On the right - the face value (100 dollars), on the left - the year of issue (2012).
In the central part - a stylized image of the original "Napoleonic Egg ". At the top, along the edge - the name of the series in English: IMPERIAL FABERGE EGGS. At the bottom - depicted in pad printing, a fragment of the six Russian regiments fighting against Napoleon’s army. Send an email
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